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  • Giclée

    The giclée is a very high quality print of the painting on canvas, signed by the artist, issued in limited numbers. The giclée comes with an author's certificate confirming the authenticity. The artist oversees the giclée process at every stage, from color setting before printing to final framing.

    There are several distinctive features and benefits of giclée:

    • - Very high quality image print on fine art canvases.
    • - The artist personally supervises the process of creating the giclée so that the print is as close to the original work as possible.
    • - Giclée are released in limited series.
    • - Giclées are signed by the artist.
    • - The artist attaches his certificate confirming the authenticity of each giclée.
    • - Giclée are framed like original paintings, their visuality is not much different from the originals.
    • - Giclées are on average 10 times cheaper than original paintings, people with an average financial status can become collectors of great art.
    • - This form of art collecting is also used by experienced and wealthy collectors, buying certain series of paintings or choosing a giclée of a painting that is no longer available for sale.
    • - Giclée is a great idea for decorating company offices or hotel rooms.
    • - Investment character of giclée - short series determine price increases in the future; once all the giclées are sold out, they will be hard to come by and their price will be regulated by the market. The rise in giclée prices is also influenced by the artist's growing position on the art market (see Jaśnikowski).
    • - The growing popularity of this form of collecting art - an increasing number of artists publish their giclées, following the trends of more experienced art markets in the world.
    • - The art of such artists as Borowicz, Jaśnikowski, Kołpanowicz, Kopera or Widełka, who have orders for their paintings several months in advance, can reach a wider audience in a short time.
    • - A particular copy of the giclée can have its own unique painting made by the artist, which makes each piece even more unique - such a giclée with artists' painting is offered by the Goldenmark company.
  • Incography

    Inkography is a high-quality, limited edition print on special paper of the artist's original work. It is issued in a small edition, and each copy has its own unique number and author's signature. An author's certificate is attached to each of these works

    Our incographs are created using the latest solutions in the field of digital technology used in professional Epson printers. Adding to this the Canson Edition Etching Rag artistic paper, it guarantees amazing, saturated colors and shades of gray that accurately reproduce the original work. Examples of foreign art markets, much richer and experienced, show that incographs are not only a great opportunity to have great art for much less money than original works cost, but it is also a great investment. Beauty, elegance, prestige and uniqueness can appear in the interior of your home, office, hall or hotel room, restaurant or any other room. We offer beautifully framed incographs, but also without a frame, so that everyone can choose frames and passe-partout to their needs and ideas.

  • Albums

    The first original album of the outstanding Polish artist Jarosław Jaśnikowski, a representative of Surrealism, Magic Realism and Steampunk. This is a unique opportunity for all fans of his artworks. On 220 pages, the artist takes us to the rich world of his imagination. In this publication you will find 127 paintings by Jaśnikowski from the period 2006 - 2012, Genesis of the Alternative World, as well as a lot of interesting and unpublished information about the life of the artist himself. Jarosław Jaśnikowski also talks about his work in an extensive interview

    - Polish and English version
    - hardcover
    - satin paper
    - dimensions: 30 x 25 cm
    - 220 pages
    - 127 paintings

  • Calendars

    Every year, the "Lux Artis" Art Publishing House publishes an artistic calendar with Jarosław Jaśnikowski's paintings. This year, the theme is related to architecture appearing in the paintings of this artist from Legnica. In a sense, this is a reference to the first calendar for 2017 - Magic Legnica - which presents surreal versions of buildings in city Legnica from Jaśnikowski's paintings. In this year's calendar, however, there will be completely different images, unrelated to Legnica, usually the effect of the artist's imagination, and not a reflection of real buildings, although such images will also appear. The Magic Legnica Calendar was published by the City of Legnica. Since 2018 (with a break in 2019), calendars with Jarosław Jaśnikowski's paintings have been published by the "Lux Artis" Art Publishing House in cooperation with the artist himself, who selects the subject matter, individual works and supervises the appropriate reflection of the images in graphic design and printing. For 2018, the calendar had a steampunk theme, in 2020 steam locomotives dominated, in 2021 it was all flying vehicles, while in 2022 many owners of this artistic calendar have surreal clocks on their walls created by Jarosław Jaśnikowski in their paintings. It is worth mentioning that Dorota Bryja-Wiśniewska, a graphic artist from Legnica, has been supervising the visual side of the calendars published by "Lux Artis" from the very beginning, giving them an amazing look and a delightful final effect. The business partner of the 2023 calendar "Jarosław Jaśnikowski - architecturally" is the brokerage company PWS Konstanta. The premiere of the calendar took place on November 25, 2022 at the Copper Museum in Legnica on the occasion of the artist's vernissage.

  • Exhibition Catalogue "In the World of Magical Realism - Artists of Art'PAIRinternational"

    The catalogue has more than 50 pages, on which you will find almost all the works presented during the exhibition, descriptions of the artists and introductions written by Jarosław Jaśnikowski and Bruno Altmayer. The catalogue was available for purchase during the vernissage, and is also available at the Copper Museum during the exhibition, as well as for purchase through our Art Publishers Lux Artis - Patron of the Exhibition. The opening took place on Saturday 13 May at 5 p.m. in the Knights' Academy of the Copper Museum in Legnica and attracted crowds of visitors.


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